Simple and sturdy construction, consisting of float & guide tube, made of nonmagnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux. Float is protected from turbulence, foreign particles by providing external slosh shield arrangement. The float has a magnetic system within it and moves freely along the guide tube, which contains hermetically sealed reed switch. Float follows liquid level & magnetically actuates the reed switch at defined position. 
The switch is provided with manual test lever to use to check operation. Provided with 10 mtrs of integral cable.


Service : Water, Water+Oil
Max Temp. : 100 °C
Max Test Pressure : 10 Kg/cm²
Min Liquid Sp.Gr. : 0.8
Switch Type : Magnetically operated
Float & Guid Tube : SS316
Switching Mechanism : Glass encapsulated hermetically sealed Reed Switch
Contact Rating : 60VA(SPDT)
Max S/W Votage : 230VAC/DC
Max S/W Current : 2A
Switch Differential : 3~5mm
Termination : 3 Core x 0.75 mm² rubber sheathed 10 mtrs long cable
Ingress Protection : IP-68