This system has a top mounted flange to which a single stem is welded on top. Floats are fabricated out of stainless steel or polypropylene. These floats enclose Alnico Magnets inside. Magnets are not in contact with liquid service. The floats lie in between end stops. The actuation points are factory can be adjusted also. Inside the single stem the magnetic switches are fixed. These magnetics switch are hermetically sealed, inert gas filled and contacts are gold plated.

When this level rises above the actuation point the float which byous up along with the level rise actuates the magnetic switch which is kept inside the stem the closure of the switch can operate a contactor or relay to indicate the level rise or decrease.


Service : Water, Fuel Oil, Chemicals etc.
Design Temperature : Up to 60°c
Pressure : Up to 7 Kg/cm²
Range : Up to 3000 mm
Materials : SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/PVDF/PP/HDPE/PVC
Connection : As per ASA/BS/JIS/Screwed to BSP/NPT (M/F)
Enclosure : Weather Proof IP 65/Ex-Proof
Switch Type and Form : Hermetically sealed reed 1 No+1NC
Switch Rating : 0.5 Amp, 230 VAC (For Higher Rating Use Relay)