The liquid is contained between the two sight glasses and under normal condition the level of liquid is visible as it is through naked eye. The indication is very clear. An illuminator is mounted on the rear side of the gauge when required. Its light rays are deflected by a louvered screen upward into the liquid column. Due to the provision of illuminator the light rays which impinge on the surface of the meniscus are reflected back to the eyes of the observer. Due to the above he seen the gauge the illuminated surface of the liquid.

Colored media are easily obsereved.An illuminator helps to view in an error free manner in the case of water clear media or steam.


Application : Liquids
Liquid Chamber (Wetted Part) : MS/CS/ASTM A105/SS304/SS316/PP Other Materials on request
Cover Plate (Non Wetted Part) : MS/CS/ASTM A105/SS304/SS316/PP Other Materials on request
Design Temperature : Upto 230°C
Design Pressure : Up to 40 Kg/cm²
C/C Distance   Upto 6000 mm
Connection : Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/Socket Weld/Butt Weld