Exe-Precise Process Equipments offers a complete range of Orifice plates for a variety of flow conditions for mounting between flanges for Carrier Rings and with RJ Plate Holders for mounting between RJ Flanges. 

Exe-Precise Process Equipments Orifice Flange Assemblies are made to AGA/ASME recommendations and are reliable means to flow measurement. Assemblies to other international Standards viz. ISO, BS, DIN etc. are also available.

Exe-Precise Process Equipments  Orifice flanges cover complete range of sizes pressure rating up to ASA 2500 of ANSI B16.36 as standard and dimensions as per other major international standard viz. – APL, MSS, BS and DIN etc. are also available on request. These flanges are available in various types such as Weld neck, Slip on, Screwed with facing FF, RJ, TG etc. various types of tapping available are viz. Flange, Corner and D-D/2. Orifice Bore calculation can be carried out as per ASME MFC-3M, ASME 19.5 ISO 5167/BS1042, R.W. MILLER and L.K. Spink etc.

Exe-Precise Process Equipments Orifice Flange Assemblies are supplied ready to install in pipelines complete with Studs, Nuts, Jack Bolts, Gaskets and Drain Plugs.


Flanges : CARBON STEEL / ASTM A105 / ASTM A182 / ASTM A350 / SS304/ SS304L / SS316 / SS316L / PP / PTFE
Orifice Plate : SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/MONEL/HAST ALLOY/PP/PTFE 
Studs & Nuts : MS/SS/ASTM A193 Gr. B7/A194 Gr. 2h
Gaskets : SPIRAL WOUND/CAF/PTFE/AF120 Fasteners & Gaskets