Duplex Strainers are ideal when the piping system cannot be shut down for basket cleaning. There are two screened baskets that trap debris, with a lever that switches between the two, allowing one basket to be cleaned with no interruption in flow - a benefit that is sometimes crucial. 

The duplex strainers (dual strainers) are available with threaded or flanged connections. Standard screens are provided for WOG (water, oil, gas) service, but other screens are available on request.  Different screens can also be used in each of the chambers, so that different batches can utilize the most appropriate screen. 


  •  Pump protection
  •   Flow meter protection
  •   Protection of stream traps
  •   Valve and regulator processes
  •   Protection of heat exchanger and refrigerating set
  •   Instrumentation and ancillary piping item protection.

Design Features

  • Can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipelines.
  • Drain connections are standard and are furnished with plug.
  • Perforated screen with 40 Mesh linings are standard.
  • Other reining’s shall be done on request.
  • Vent valve can be provided with valve on request.
  • To meet high temperature and high pressure with suitable MOC and
  • Sealing parts.

Technical Specifications

  • Materials of construction / Housing : Carbon Steel,
    Stainless steel in various grades, - other materials and 
    coating available on request.
  • Filter Element: Carbon steel, Stainless steel in various
    grades - Other materials available on request.
  • End connection: Flanged [As per requested Table].
  • Sizes: are available from 1/2 “Line Size to 24”
    Line size. Other / Higher sizes available on request.
  • Filtration Rating: Filtration rating available from 5 microns to 1000 micron
  • Pressure Rating: Up to 1000 PSI.High -pressure rating avail